Escaping the Snowflake Effect?


Similar though perhaps orthogonal to Erik’s question about “How could you not want snowflakes?”I wonder about what things we do NOT want personalized or snowflaked?  I think there is quite a long list of these actually. 

On the one hand I think that almost all experiences want to be “just right” and by my definition that means they are deeply personal, (only you can know what’s right for you) but on the other I see that there are a great many components of these deeply personalized experiences which will be very standard and even “mass produced” components. 

It is noteworthy to me that most of the examples I can immediately think of are “things”, very much nouns and not verbs for example, and this would include such things such as:

  • songs
  • stories
  • movies
  • plays
  • wine

I should note that I can and do think about versions of these things which can be personalized very effectively and situations when I would very much want this.  But NOT that I would want to eliminate the “static” fixed versions of things that give me great joy and happiness and are part of highly personalized experiences.

What do YOU think?  What would be on your list?


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