Snowflakes Pecha Kucha style


I have a great time every time I’m involved with Pecha Kucha sessions and just had the latest experience in Orlando, FL tonight.  For those not familiar with Pecha Kucha it is an entertaining and effective form of sharing a topic you are passionate about with others.  The format is very simple, you get exactly 20 slides and each slide is displayed for exactly 20 seconds before it is automatically changed to the next.  Each PK therefore lasts exactly 6 minutes 40 seconds.  You can read more about this in some previous postings over on my Off Course – On Target site such as the post “Fast, Fresh and Furious” and “Adding Arrows to our Communications Quiver”

Two things really struck and stuck to me tonight.  The first was just how much of a Snowflake Effect these are.  I encouraged each of the PK “presenters” to simply pick something they were passionate about and then find 20 images that supported this passion.  And did they ever!  We had topics that included a fascinating perspective of one American’s trip to Paris, another on 20 things the presenter would really like to talk more about with others, two sessions about the love for their pet dogs and about “My Stuff” which was a random collection of interesting images and photos which depicted different major events in the presenters life that she found on her hard drive.

The second thing I was struck by was the bravery of each of the presenters.  Unlike most of these type of PK events where each presenter plans for weeks or months, these people heard about the concept of Pecha Kucha for the first time at about 5:30pm and the PK sessions started at 8pm!  There was a request for volunteers and about ten people met with me at about 5:30 to get the basic instructions and then they went and pulled together pictures and images from wherever they could find them, pulled them together into some narrative order and we put them into an automatically timed PowerPoint presentation so that each image was up for 20 seconds before changing automatically to the next.

It was truly fascinating to listen and watch each of these presenters share their passion for these topics with a group of their peers and with this very demanding format.  I left totally in awe of the bravery each person had displayed in taking the risk to try this out for the first time, to step far out of their comfort zone and the energy, authenticity and passion which came through so loud and clear. 

Gavin, Glenn, Hans, Marcel, Beth Ann, A.J, Sue and Allison you were awesome snowflakes tonight! Thanks SO much for your energy and bravery tonight and sharing these things you are so passionate about.


One Response to “Snowflakes Pecha Kucha style”

  1. mullygrub Says:

    that sounds great. I like the spontenaity of asking for volunteers at 5.30pm for an 8pm session. I know that would make things scary, but it could also introduce an element of fun and excitement. I also agree with the courage thing – it’s really scary for some people to stand in front of an audience, especially with only a bunch of pictures to guide them!

    I can’t wait to participate in something like this 🙂

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