Pluralisation of Personalisation


I put up the previous posting “Is personalisation selfish”  to address one of the more common misunderstandings or concerns that I hear about the Snowflake Effect of mass personalization and I’d like to address another common misunderstanding in this posting; the perception that the Snowflake Effect and mass personalization only addresses individuals and not teams or groups of people.  I understand the confusion in that the word personalization would seem to imply that the focus is on just one person, however upon closer inspection I think you can see that the Snowflake Effect and the goal of getting things just right for each of us individually applies equally well when those individuals are members of a group, and that in another context a group is a single entity or “person” as well.

One of the reasons we are all unique snowflakes is that the collective set of characteristics and context that defines us at any given moment is a unique combination that never existed before and won’t again in the future.  Being part of member of a team or group is one of these attributes.  Similarly, groups and teams are themselves unique single entities as noted in the previous posting “Snowballs are Snowflakes too!” where I described one of the ways uniqueness is created to be:

“combining some number of unique elements to create a unique new assembly.  Putting a bunch of snowflakes together to form a snowball creates a unique new assembly.  A group of people, each of whom is a snowflake, creates a unique new assembly

Part of the power and potential of the Snowflake Effect and getting things “just right” is that these apply equally to snowflakes and snowballs.  Keep this larger context in mind as you thin more about the Snowflake Effect as an overarching conceptual model that can be applied to most everything and everyone.


2 Responses to “Pluralisation of Personalisation”

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