Personalized Learning: Snowstorm hits the UK


I’ve been working on an article on the Snowflake Effect and its affect on the future of mashups and learning for an upcoming edition of the Emerging Technologies for Learning published by BECTA in the UK.  I’ll post the link to the article when it is published next month (Nov. 2008) and in the interim I wanted to share some of the the examples from my reesearch and writing of the growing Snowflake Effect. 

Some of the more striking and valuable examples have been those of the application of The Snowflake Effect to learning, education and training (LET) in the UK.  If you have not already read these, I can recommend all of the following as worthwhile reading about why and how the UK Department for Education and Skills (DfES) has concluded that the future of their public education is personalised learning.


2020 Vision: Report of the Teaching and Learning in 2020 Review Group

DfES report “Learning about personalisation: how can we put the learner at the heart of the education system?

DfES Report “The Shape of Things to Come: personalised learning through collaboration”


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