Is Personalisation Selfish?


One of the more common questions and concerns I get from those interested in The Snowflake Effect and the whole idea of personlisation is that it can be interpreted as being very “selfish” and limited to individuals.  While I understand and share the concern,  nether are true from my perspective and experience.  Let me just address the “selfish” concern in this post:

Personalisation is simply about getting things “just right” for each and every one of us; just the right stuff, to just the right person, at just the right time, in just the right way, etc.  By this definition the ONLY person who can determine what’s “right” is you, me, the individual.  As William Gibson so famously put it, “The future is already here, it just isn’t very evenly distributed” and so as we move toward distributing this ability to consistently get it “just right” to literally everyone, then we all benefit.  Furthermore while it is only the individual who can decide if and when things are “just right” it is also very typical that we need and want a lot of assistance in making these decisions, discovering ways and means to get to “just right”, so to get to personalisation requires a wonderful (IMHO) virtuous circle of everyone helping everyone else.  This is NOT about fostering a me-me-me culture of selfishness but about helping all of us reach higher levels of effectiveness and efficiency in everything from learning to music to parenting to working. 

Call it whatever you like, Erik and I call it The Snowflake Effect are devoting ourselves to helping more and more of us to have more and more of this more often because we want to live in a world designed to this end and think it would be a much better world for all of us.


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