Snowballs are Snowflakes too!


Getting to uniqueness is interesting in that it can be achieved in several ways:

  • combining some number of previously existing common (non unique) elements to create a unique new assembly.  Snowflakes themselves are created this way from common atoms and molecules in a crystalline form.  A song is a unique combination of common notes for example.


  • combining some number of unique elements to create a unique new assembly.  Putting a bunch of snowflakes together to form a snowball creates a unique new assembly.  A group of people, each of whom is a snowflake, creates a unique new assembly.

Maybe I just find everything interesting and I’ve got snowflakes on the brain, (or a snowflake for a brain!) but I find these simple “Snowflake Laws” to be very useful and important to understand.

Are there other ways to create uniqueness or snowflakes?


One Response to “Snowballs are Snowflakes too!”

  1. Global Snowball has a Heartbeat? « Long Slow Chat Says:

    […] In the vernacular of the Snowflake Effect I had been pointing out similar ends of the spectrum from individual Snowflakes to the collective Snowball such as Pluralization of Personalization and “Snowballs are Snowflakes too!” […]

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