Conversation as a model of Uniqueness and The Snowflake Effect


For many years now I find myself coming back to the power of conversations and how they are one of the best example of uniqueness and the Snowflake Effect.  I find myself using conversation as a concept from which to learn and model uniqueness in other applications. 

For example don’t you just love how great conversations are such serendipitous experiences with the way you end up somewhere completely unexpected and yet so very valuable and relevant to all involved in the conversation?   Conversations are fascinating examples of how things can be snowflaked, be deeply personalized, for multiple people.  Being serendipitous snowflakes, great conversations are also challenging because you can’t force them to happen.  They are more like my favorite example of spontaneous combustion; you can’t strike a match to make this happen but you can create a set of conditions that raise the probability of spontaneous combustion happening.  So one of the many things I ponder is how we can get better at finding the conditions that we can created to cause more great things to happen serendipitously and spontaneously.  No surprise that this is also the study in part of how we can “snowflake” something.

All of these and many more have drawn both Erik and I to the power of conversation and specifically to experimenting with this “long slow chat” type of conversation and using it as the catalyst for our weekly conversations which we’ll be posting shortly.  Stay tuned and let’s see what we can all learn from conversations and how to effectively apply the Snowflake Effect.


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