Snowballing our way into the future:


The Snowflake Effect starts with a simple observation; every person, every group, and every situation is unique, like a snowflake.  This is hardly a new observation and in fact we could posit that this has been true for all time.  What is curious then is the question Erik and I started with:

If this mass uniqueness is SO true, and has been for SO long, why then do we live in a world that appears to be designed for the opposite: Mass sameness and mass production? 

Interestingly enough up until the industrial age/revolution our world WAS very unique but for the past century or so, mass production has manufactured goods, but also much of our culture, most every product and service, our education and training systems, radio, TV and the list goes on.  It is not too difficult to trace the history of this and understand how it has all come about but the key point is that unique is what we seek, I think we always have, and we have already started to return to mass uniqueness at a scaled and degree previously unimaginable, aka The Snowflake Effect.

As with the analogy of the snowflake, once a bunch of snowflakes get together and start rolling down a slope you quickly get a snowballing effect where things grow exponentially.  With 6.3 billion of us “snowflakes” inhabiting the planet already and many times more situations, products, services and groups, we can already see a LOT of this snowballing going on all around us.  Expect to see this effect snowball as well!


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