Snowflake in my hands:


Jack-2I held a unique snowflake (how redundant!) in the most profound sense there is,  in my hands tonight.  Two of my closest friends just had a baby and I was gifted the true honor of holding young Jack tonight.  This 34 week old miracle of life is as small as he is special.  I know I suffer from premature and hyperactive hyperbole, but most sincerely, this was a profound moment of joy for me.  

I am a certified baby nut; addicted to newborns.  Have been since I was a child, trust I always will be.  Don’t understand why, don’t care.  I just love that I am and will go after any opportunity I am offered to be near, hold, smell, snuggle and feed these new life forms as they instantly infuse new life into me as well.  My experience tonight both reminds me how each of us truly are a snowflake and how each deserves to be treated as one.  I am more motivated and passionate than ever about The Snowflake Effect and doing everything and anything I can to bring about the spiraling benefits of a world designed for and by all the other 6.3 billion snowflakes (and counting) I get to share this planet with.


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